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Fulton Savings Mastercard Secure Code

Mastercard Secure Code Benefits

Mastercard Secure Code Benefits

Product Overview

The aim of the MasterCard Secure Code product is to provide an extra level of security for Internet based transactions by allowing customers to create a separate Internet password that is entered for online purchases in addition to their card number, expiration date, etc.

Product Features

There are two ways to create a MasterCard Secure Code Password.

  1. Self Enrollment – a cardholder visits MasterCard website and proactively enrolls their card in 3D Secure.
  2. Activation During Shopping – a cardholder visiting a merchant site is prompted to enroll in 3D Secure when making a purchase.

Both the issuer and the merchant website must participate in MasterCard Secure Code to allow the cardholder to enter their MasterCard Secure Code Password.

Product Benefits

Promotes safety of Internet shopping. Increases cardholder and merchant confidence with online purchases. Reduces disputes and fraudulent activity.

To find out more about how you can benefit by using MasterCard Secure Code, or to activate your Secure Code account, click here.

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