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Fulton Savings Estatements

Save a tree. Go paperless and receive your banking statements in your email.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

You will need to be set up for the Express Online Banking service in order to access eStatements. Once you have logged on to the online banking, click on the eStatements tab and you will be given the “Disclaimer” page to accept or decline.

Note: You may only have access to eStatements if you accept the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer.

What are the requirements?

You will need to have internet access, an Express Online Banking account and Adobe Reader 5.0 or better.

How many eStatements will be available?

You can access up to 16 months of eStatements.

Can I Save My eStatements to my computer?

You may save all your statements by clicking on the “Printable Version” link, then click on cancel within the print box, click on File and Save As.

Will I still be able to receive paper statements?

No. The paper statements will stop the following month after you accept the eStatement Disclaimer. You will be able to re-instate the paper statements again by emailing the Online Banking department at Emails are not encrypted. Please do not disclose personal or sensitive information.

What happens if I have access to multiple statement accounts and only want to choose select accounts that I would need eStatements on?

You will not be able to choose which accounts that you want eStatement access. The deposit statement accounts that you have access to via the Express Online Banking service will be the accounts that will receive eStatements.

Are there eStatements for Loan Accounts?

No, we do not have eStatements for Loan account types at this time.

What if I have multiple Online Banking Sign On ID’s with the same statement account and only wanted access to one eStatement? Ex: My spouse and I have two different Online Banking Signon Id’s and each has a joint account and personal accounts. My spouse wants his / her personal account as eStatement but I do not.

The account that the other person does not want an eStatement will have to be removed from the person that does want the eStatements.

Note: Once the account is removed, the transfer capability is no longer available.

What if I open a new deposit account and add it to my Express Online Banking access after I already signed up for the eStatement service?

You will receive one paper statement and then will receive eStatements continually going forward.

What if I signed up for the eStatement service and then decided later that I would like to receive paper statements again?

You will have to contact the Express Online Banking Department at 315-592-3159 or 315-592-3120. Also, you may send an email to or use your online banking Mailbox. Emails are not encrypted. Please do not disclose personal or sensitive information.