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Fulton Savings Annual Report

Effective Date 12/31/2015. Change The Way You Bank Forever.

Statement of Condition:

Assets: ($ 000)
Cash and Due From Banks $67,526
Investment Securities $149,411
Real Estate Mortgage Loans $135,492
Other Loans $5,625
Premises and Fixed Assets $641
Other Assets $19,539
Total Assets: $378,234
Liabilities and Net Worth Accounts:
Money Market Management Accounts $6,978
Savings Deposits $105,817
Time Deposits $49,116
Checking Accounts, NOW Accounts, and Other Demand Deposits $79,847
Due to Federal Home Loan Bank $32,700
Other Liabilities $8,679
Net Worth $95,097
Total Liabilities and Net Worth Accounts: $378,234

Statement of Income and Changes in Net Worth:

Current Operating Income:
Interest on Mortgage and Other loans $8,013
Interest on Dividends on Securities $5,429
Other Interest and Dividends $305
Miscellaneous Income $3,853
Total Current Operating Income: $17,600
Current Operating Expense:
Salaries and Benefits $7,885
Occupancy Costs $1,124
Other Expenses $4,097
Total Current Operating Expense: $13,106
Net Income for Period:
Net Current Operating Income before Taxes and Interest $4,494
Franchise and Income Taxes $642
Interest Paid $566
Total Net Income for Period: $3,286

Reconciliation of Net Worth:

Net Worth:
Net Worth as of 12/31/14 $89,791
Net Additions to Net Worth $3,286
Other Comprehensive Income $2,020
Total Net Worth: $95,097