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Fulton Savings Bank History

The History of Fulton Savings Bank.

A group of civic leaders organize Fulton Savings Bank “to receive deposits from tradesmen, clerks, mechanics, laborers, minors, servants and others.” A special act of the State Legislature allows the group to incorporate the new mutual financial institution. Fulton Savings Bank opens its doors on September 25 in a rented room at the northeast corner of Second and Oneida Streets. At the end of the year, the bank’s deposits are $27,939.

Fulton Savings Bank expands by moving to its own, larger headquarters on South First Street in downtown Fulton.


Prosperity in the area community and throughout the nation stimulates Fulton Savings Bank’s growth in the early years of the twentieth century. A new office is built in downtown Fulton (now the bank’s Main Office). At this point, assets are nearly $2 million.
Although it has established a solid record for safety and security, Fulton Savings offers its customers additional protection by becoming a member of the new Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
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Home Improvement Loans are offered, enabling hundreds of customers to improve or expand their homes.
Fulton Savings joins the New York Higher Education Assistance Corp. to offer student loans, making a college education possible and affordable to students graduating from high school.
The bank’s assets are $42 million as it celebrates its centennial.


The bank opens another branch office at Three Rivers Shopping Plaza in Phoenix.
New banking convenience arrives as Fulton Savings Bank introduces its Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Banking card (now the TransACTION Card). Assets reach $125 million.
Assets exceed $150 million.
The bank celebrates reaching the milestone of $200 million in assets.
The bank opens an office at River Glen Square in the Town of Volney. This office houses the bank’s first Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
Fulton Savings Bank opens three offices in Brewerton, Hannibal and Constantia for a total of eight offices.
The Bank undertakes another total renovation of the Main Office lobby, executive offices and customer service areas bringing the Bank and its services fully into the new millennium. A comprehensive marketing program is also developed for all bank products.
Bank assets increase to over $360 million; Bank installs its first ATM Kiosk at the Neighborhood Plaza in Fulton; Branch renovations completed in Phoenix, Brewerton and Central Square.
Bank’s net worth reaches $50 million. Bank opens full service branch at Fulton Commons; and closes office in Hannibal. ATM Kiosk installed at Fulton Byrne Dairy.
Another new ATM Banking Kiosk opens in the Brewerton Plaza to serve a growing population and customer base. The Fulton Savings Rewards Program for Express Banking Debit Card customers is introduced, providing the opportunity to earn points which are redeemable for great gifts.
Bank’s net worth reaches $68.1 million. Bank maintains excellent financial condition despite turmoil in financial markets and weak local economy.
The uncertainty felt by Americans during the post Civil War period leads to a series of financial panics which tests Fulton Savings Bank’s strength. Nearly 37% of the nation’s bank deposits are withdrawn, causing many banks to fail.Camera
The bank celebrates its 25th anniversary with assets of nearly $500,000.

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Another nationwide economic panic develops with the Great Depression. Having earned the trust of its depositors, the bank endures this crisis unscathed.
Assets grow to $3 million and the bank introduces school savings and industrial savings programs.TV
The bank completes the first major expansion and renovation to its downtown office. Assets have increased five-fold over the past decade to over $15 million.
The Canalview Urban Renewal Project transforms downtown Fulton. The bank purchases and razes the old City Hall to make way for a drive-through.
Fulton Savings reaches out to northern Onondaga County by building its first branch office in the new suburban community of Village Green near Baldwinsville.
Assets hit the $100-million mark and Fulton Savings Bank ranks as the 10th strongest savings bank in New York State.Rubiks Cube
Due to increasing business, the bank expands the Loan Department to the Second Floor of its Main Office.
Fulton Savings Bank brings its services to southeastern Oswego County by opening a Central Square office. The bank completes a major expansion to the Phoenix office and improvements to the Village Green Office.
The bank establishes ATMs in all of the communities it serves.
The bank completes its debit card offering; develops its web site; installs internet banking; and implements a program for the sale of non-traditional bank products; expands by the addition of a Loan Operations Center in Canal View Mall, Fulton; and opens a Loan Representative Office in the City of Oswego.
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Bank assets increase to $270 million and a free checking account program is introduced.
Bank assets increase to over $400 million. Bank installs ATM Kiosks at Fulton Commons, Hannibal Village Plaza and Central Square Byrne Dairy. Branch renovations completed in Baldwinsville.
Bank’s Totally Free Checking Account program expanded to include business checking accounts.
Fulton Savings Rewards Program is expanded enabling Debit Card holders to shop online and earn up to 50x more Reward Points by accessing popular retailers through
Fulton NY muralBank closes its River Glen Branch Office in December. Bank continues to subsidize the beautification of the Canal View Business District in downtown Fulton, including painting of a mural on the Salvation Army Building.